Re-telling the stories of women in leadership navigating the menopause

What We Do

The Project


My aim is to capture the stories of a diverse set of women and their journeys into and through the menopause.  Not every woman will have children, but every woman will go through the menopause.  Our generation is the first generation at scale in senior leadership positions in the workplace.  I want to share our stories so we realise we are not alone, can get inspired and more importantly signpost the path for our daughters and the young women coming up behind us.  

The Big Idea


Through 1-1 interviews, I want to capture the stories of a diverse set of women all in senior leadership positions.

Beyond symptoms and remedies I want to get beneath the stories of how menopause is impacting women in leadership, their career trajectory and their relationships.

This is our song, the tune has been playing for thousands of years but it is still so feint it is hardly audible.  I want to turn up the volume.

Carolanne Minashi


I have over 30 years experience in the Financial Services industry in senior HR leadership positions including Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Talent Management and Employee Relations.  

In 2017 I joined the Womens Leadership Board at the Women and Public Policy unit, Harvard Kennedy School. In 2019 I joined the European Advisory Board for Catalyst, one of the worlds leading organisations focused on research and solutions that accelerate the advancement of women into leadership positions.

I have always been passionate about supporting women in their leadership journeys. Investigating the impact of the Menopause on Women in Senior Leadership positions, and how women can prepare for and tackle it alongside highly demanding senior roles seems the next obvious step on my journey.



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